Here’s to 2019

Last week, we asked you to reflect back on your 2018. This week, it’s our turn so we’re sharing a few BrightDime success stories with you. We’ve changed the names and a few of the details to make sure everyone stays anonymous, but the facts remain that people are now on their way to financial wellness through the help of BrightDime.

Marissa recently graduated with quite a bit of student loan debt and reached out to BrightDime about whether she should refinance these loans. Her goal was for lower interest rates, a lower payment, and to pay only one provider. We talked about the type of loans – federal vs. private, refinancing vs. consolidation and any options she would forego by making a change. Marissa decided refinancing was the way to go for her situation and simplified her student loans. She’s now on to her next goal of saving for a car.

Pamela needed help with her family finances and decided to give BrightDime a try. She started chatting with a coach about the best way to save for her kids future and her own retirement. Her coach walked her through various tax efficient retirement accounts (401(k), IRA, Roth) and 529 College Savings Accounts for consideration. They looked at her accounts on BrightDime to see where she could make room for more savings and reach her goals. After a few coaching chats, Pamela increased her savings from 10% to 25% in her 401(k) and opened a 529 for her kids.

John and his wife want to buy a home, but they both have some debt and low credit scores so he begins chatting with a coach. They set up several short term goals like improving their credit scores, saving for a down payment and reducing current debt that build the groundwork for buying a home. They covered how to review credit reports for accuracy, and how that impacts the credit score. Next, they chatted about small and large down payments and the impacts of each on the mortgage interest rate and related insurance. John is excited to see the progress every month towards their goal of owning a home.

We have so many of these stories from 2018 that we could share. Just know that financial wellness is not an overnight destination. It’s a day to day journey. In looking forward to 2019, how would you write yours? What would you like to accomplish next year with BrightDime? Just login, we’re here to help.