Start the Year by Planning and Automating

Happy New Year from BrightDime! To help you get your 2019 off to a great start, we have planned a short series about “Organizing Your Financial Life”. We begin the series with planning and automating, asking you to think about your year ahead: any life events that may impact you financially and how you want to spend your money. Planning for these now by setting SMART goals will help you get started on any needed savings and get ahead of the game. Next, we suggest taking a few minutes to look at the timing and amount of your “take home” pay and how it matches up with your monthly expenses and any new 2019 spending/saving. If you notice that one of your paydays has more obligations than another, contact your lenders and other service companies and move some dates to balance things out (yes, you can do that!). They’re usually happy to oblige to ensure they get paid on time. And what’s organizing without automating? Now’s a great time to set up automatic payments to make sure you always pay your bills on time and avoid any late fees (not to mention freeing up some of your time). We recommend you also automate your savings to ensure you meet those goals you thought of earlier. For more on planning and automating, read the full article here.

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