Got a Question? This FAQ Might Help

What is BrightDime? We’re a financial wellness company that provides coaching, education, and tools to individuals so that they can take control and more easily manage their financial lives. 

What is Financial Wellness? It’s having a clear picture of your financial situation, goals for the future, and a plan to achieve them. It’s eliminating financial stress so you can relax and know you’re on the right path. It’s thinking less about your money, and more about the things you care about. 

What’s Financial Coaching? You can think of financial coaching sort of like a personal trainer for your finances. Trainers are there to help you set goals, formulate a plan specific to you, motivate you to stick to it, and support you when you get stuck. They don’t lift the weights for you and our coaches can’t take action for you. But we’ll be there every step of the way. Much like a trainer we think a personal connection is important. You won’t work with the same coach every time you have a question, but we try our best to make sure the same coach sees you through once you’ve started working on a problem with them.

What about privacy and security? We take your privacy and security very seriously. We start with the promise that we only collect information that we absolutely need to provide you with a useful service. We encrypt and protect that data at every step. We have a technical team that would be happy to go into way more detail than you’d probably care to hear about how we do that. If you’ve got more questions let us know at

Is this for me? We think so. Even if you have a budget, don’t have any credit card debt, and know the US Tax Code by heart you can always use an ally to help you stay on track. Whatever your financial concern we’re here to help. We’ve worked with people on questions as simple as “what does APY mean on this credit card offer?” and as big picture as “I want to buy a house next year and I don’t know where to start.”

Can anyone see my information? No. Only you and your BrightDime coach can view your data and it is never shared with anyone.

If I don’t want to connect my accounts, can I still login and chat with a coach? Absolutely. No accounts have to be added. However, by connecting your accounts the coach is better able to understand your financial situation and behaviors and offer guidance for improvement.

What are you going to try to sell me? Other than a bright financial future? Nothing. We don’t make specific recommendations for financial products like credit cards, mutual funds, or investment advisory services. We work with you to help you understand your options, the pluses and minuses of each, and let you make that decision. You can trust that when we provide guidance it is 100% in your interest.

What does it mean to connect my online accounts to BrightDime? BrightDime uses read-only account aggregation, which means we compile information from different institutions, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investment accounts into a single place. BrightDime arranges your information into a dashboard with budgeting and spending categorization, goal setting, investment analysis and more to help you see your complete financial picture.

What do I do if I have technical questions? You can email or use the in-app chat (the small green button in the bottom right of the screen once you’ve logged in) and we’ll help as soon as possible.

What are the qualifications of the coaches? Our coaches all have years of experience in their fields; including human resources, benefits, professional investing, and personal finance. We’ve have some with the CFP®(Certified Financial Planner) designation and even a few with the CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation if you need help modeling the risk of your synthetic derivatives portfolio. Our emphasis in coaching is helping people formulate specific goals and understand their options for how to achieve them. The expertise for highly technical questions is there when we need it.

Can I use a different email address to access BrightDime?
You can. Go into the profile page of your account to change your email address.

Can my family members use BrightDime as well? You can add family accounts like joint checking or a spouse’s 401(k) to your BrightDime account if you’d like. There’s no limit to how many accounts you can add and view on your dashboard.