Where to Start: How to Stop the Overdraft and Fee Cycle

Most of us like (good) surprises, but a notice from your bank or credit card company is rarely good news.  For many people, it’s not uncommon to find out you’ve been charged yet another fee due to insufficient funds and/or a late payment. We are in week two our series of “Where to Start When You Don’t Know Where to Start” and the topic is fees: overdraft, late and account fees, none of which are a good use of your money. Unnecessary fees are a common issue for many people and are usually fixable with a few changes. It can be something as simple as a timing issue; when you are paid versus when your bills are due. It may be a misunderstanding of account balance requirements, or just spending without checking your account balance. When you’re already tight on money, fees are just additional money leaving your account that is certainly not bringing you any joy (see last weeks article). If you’re paying fees and can think of a better way to spend your money, read our full article here.