Where to Start: Best Next Step for Minimizing the Cost of College

You can hardly listen to the news or read an article that doesn’t mention the rising cost of college and the looming student loan crisis. In case you missed it, the latest stats include: 44 million student loan debt holders in the US with a total of $1.5 trillion (yes, with a T) in debt outstanding. And tuition costs are continuing to climb. Some borrowers are able to steadily pay off their debt while over 10% of loans are in delinquency. So, with all of that scary information about a mountain of debt in your face every day, how is a person supposed to pursue higher education? Great question!

Many people enroll in school without any regard to the cost, or thought about what they want to do (they’ll figure it out when they get there), or the possible salary waiting for them after they graduate. All of these are key to think about when considering college if you want to minimize your debt. This week we continue our series of “what’s the next best step” by discussing ways to reduce the cost of continuing education, things to consider before you get started, and ways to save if you’re already there. The more planning you do ahead of time the better off you’ll be in the end. Want the details? Read the full article here.