Pamela’s BrightDime Success Story

For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing good news (we all need some of that right now!) by highlighting some real success stories, from real people we’ve worked with here at BrightDime. We’ve changed the names and identifying information, but the stories and outcomes are true.

Pamela’s employer had just announced a new benefit called BrightDime. She had been procrastinating for months on working on her family finances and realized this was her call to action to get started so she can ensure they’re saving for retirement and the kids’ college in the most efficient way. She had known for a while that she needed to be doing something, anything, to better plan for the future but felt overwhelmed by all the options and decisions to make. So she decided to give BrightDime a shot.

After working with BrightDime for a short while Pamela had a plan and had already put the first steps in place. Read her whole story to find out what she did and how she did it.