What can a financial coach help me with?

BrightDime’s financial coaches have expertise in a wide range of topics: budgeting, debt reduction strategies, insurance, workplace benefits, investment products, and on and on. So what is that they can help you with?

The short answer to what a financial coach helps with? Pretty much whatever’s on your mind.

Financial coaches are different than other financial industry professionals because they aren’t focused on a single goal like selling you insurance, managing your investments, or selling you a mortgage. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those, but they tend to focus on what THEY do best, not necessarily what’s best for you.

BrightDime’s financial coaches on the other hand are there to focus just on you and what you need.

If you’re just starting a new job and don’t know what to do with the benefits you’re offered, a financial coach can help you understand the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA, work with you to make sure you’re not throwing away money in an FSA, and choose the contribution levels that minimize the taxes you owe but leave you with enough in your paycheck to live life the way you want.

If you’re facing a big life change like a marriage, a move across country, or starting a family a BrightDime coach can walk you through what to expect, the tricky things that trip a lot of people up, and give you peace of mind as you head into something new.

If you get a phone call from “the IRS” demanding payment on an overdue tax bill you didn’t even know about, a BrightDime coach can help you pause, work with you to independently verify the issue, and potentially save you thousands of dollars by identifying it as a scam. (Seriously. It happens).

If you’ve been putting off dealing with that mounting credit card debt and you’re ready to do something about it but don’t know where to start? Start by chatting with a BrightDime coach.

The list of what a BrightDime coach can help you with is endless. If it’s money related, if it’s causing you stress, if you can’t sort through the endless contradictory advice online, if you feel like you should be doing something but aren’t sure what? Just let us know, we can’t wait to chat with you about it.