BrightDime Success Stories | Daniel

These are real success stories from people we’ve worked with at BrightDime. We’ve changed the names and any identifying details, but the stories are 100% true.

Sometimes it can take weeks, or even months, to make a change for the better in financial habits. This time, it was only a few minutes. Daniel wanted to get a better understanding of his spending habits. He wasn’t sure where his money was going every month and knew he needed to save enough for a down payment if he wanted to buy a house by the end of the year.

Daniel connects his accounts to BrightDime and reaches out to a coach for help with his monthly income and expenses. The coach shows him how BrightDime organizes this information for easy review.
Next, Daniel tells the coach he wants to save for a down payment on a house by the end of the year. The coach encourages him with “there’s no time like the present to get serious about saving”.
The coach explains the advantages of automating savings and suggests he set up an automated transfer every month to a separate savings account for his savings goal. Daniel agrees and immediately increases his automated savings from $25 to $200 a month while still chatting online with the coach.

With the help of BrightDime to understand where his money is going and the encouragement of a coach, in just a few minutes Daniel set a down payment goal and is now saving 8 times the previous amount, automatically, every month. He is now on his way to meeting his bigger goal of owning a home.

We call that a success!